Clara Sorace is a highly skilled and versatile cinematic vocalist, known for her emotive performances and ability to convey a wide range of emotions through her voice. She has established a reputation as a sought-after collaborator in the music industry, lending her voice to a diverse range of projects.

She has featured on soundtracks for films, video game scores and on albums by independent artists. Her powerful and emotive singing is able to add an extra layer of depth and emotional resonance to the media. Clara’s vocal style combines classical techniques with a contemporary approach, resulting in performances that are both technically impressive and emotionally impactful.

With her incredible range and ability to convey a wide range of emotions, Clara has proven herself to be a valuable asset to any project. She has a particular talent for interpreting the complex and nuanced emotions required for cinematic work, making her an ideal choice for film soundtracks and other similar projects. Furthermore her ability to control phonemes in multiple languages such as Italian, English, and fantasy phonemes, make her a very valuable artist for many projects. Her expertise also includes remote recording capability, with the ability to deliver high-quality recordings from a professional studio.

Clara’s contributions to the world of music have been highly praised by both audiences and critics alike, and her work is widely recognized as some of the most emotive and powerful in the industry. Her ability to create powerful and evocative performances, as well as remote recording capabilities, has made her a go-to vocalist for filmmakers and video game developer looking for a unique, emotionally resonant element in their work, even when there are issues in traveling.

In 2014 she obtained the certificate for “Competence in the Figures CFP, Estill Voicecraft” from the Estill Voice International Certified instructor.

2017 She participated in Tv Show ” Tale e Quale Show ” RAI UNO with the Gospel Choir by Maria Grazia Fontana.

2018 She participated in Tv Show ” Festival di San Remo” RAI UNO- Flash Mob Women’s Violence with the Gospel Choir.

2018 She works with the composer Christian Ugenti for the song ” The Last Waltz”  -Evolving Sound.

2018 She participated in Tv Show ” Soliti Ignoti ” RAI UNO With the Gospel Choir By Maria Grazia Fontana.

2018 She participated in Tv Show “Domenica In ” RAI UNO With the Gospel Choir By Maria Grazia Fontana.

She has acquired experience in musical production and vocal arrangements, widening her stylistic versatility and range, so that she can switch easily from Soul and Pop to Electro and Cinematic Music and Gospel Music.

She is  the Voice of  ” ZERO- G ETHERA GOLD Series ” – highly acclaimed Cinematic Vocal library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

She is the Voice of  the SoundTrack: ” Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” – composed by Jesper Kyd – Ubisoft VideoGame Sound Track.

She is the Voice of the SoundTrack:  “Age Of Empires IV“- Dynasty Abbasid – Composed By Henning Nugel –  Dynamedium – XBox Game Studios

She is the Voice of the SoundTrack: “Mia & Me” The Hero of Centopia composed by Christoph Zirngibl.

She has worked with the composer Marco Werba for the Sound Track of Movie:  Damned directed by Will Jones

She has worked with the composer Davide Caprelli for the Movie: ” EST – Dittatura Last Minute” directed by Antonio Pisu ( SKY – Prime Video )

Her Voice has used in many international Trailers and TV Shows and Epic Album, like:

La Casa de Papel ( Netflix )

Moonknight ( Disney – Marvel )

2067 ( Trailers ) – ( Netlfix and Amazon Prime)

Triumph ( Album ) Composed By Patrick Rundblad

American Epic ( Album ) Composed by Dwayne Ford

World On Fire ( Album ) Composed by Dwayne Ford

Beautifull Battle ( Album ) Composed by Dwayne Ford

Sentience ( Album ) Composed by Jo Blankenburg

War And Peace ( Album ) Composed by Damien Deshayes

Emotiona Vocal Trailer ( Album ) Composed by Michael Maas

Gundam The Witcher from Mercury

Dune Trailer – Video Game

Ivan Torrent – ONYRIA Album

She is the Vocal Coach of  the “Arte Nel Cuore Onlus”

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