Clara Sorace is a vocalist and recording artist from Italy based in Rome.

She studied piano for 12 years and singing for 8 years.

She participated in various competitions and festivals, including the “Mia Martini singing competition”, the “Castrocaro Festival” and the “San Remo Academy of Song” where she reached the final.

In 2014 she obtained the certificate for “Competence in the Figures CFP, Estill Voicecraft” from the Estill Voice International Certified instructor.

She has acquired experience in musical production and vocal arrangements, widening her stylistic versatility and range, so that she can switch easily from Soul and Pop Rock to Electro productions and Cinematic Music.

She is  the Voice of  ” ZERO- G ETHERA ” – highly acclaimed Cinematic Vocal library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

2017 She participated in Tv Show ” Tale e Quale Show ” RAI UNO with the Gospel Choir by Maria Grazia Fontana.

2018 She participated in Tv Show ” Festival di San Remo” RAI UNO- Flash Mob Women’s Violence with the Gospel Choir.

2018 She is the vocal of ” American Epic ” Album composed by Dwayne Ford.

2018 She works with the composer Christian Ugenti for the song ” The Last Waltz”  -Evolving Sound.

2018 She participated in Tv Show ” Soliti Ignoti ” RAI UNO With the Gospel Choir By Maria Grazia Fontana.

2018 She participated in Tv Show “Domenica In ” RAI UNO With the Gospel Choir By Maria Grazia Fontana.

Her Voice has used in many international Trailers , Docu Fiction, Commercials.

She is the Vocal Coach of  the “Arte Nel Cuore Onlus”





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Cinematic Vocal

Clara Sorace is an  acclaimed Soundtrack Vocalist from Italy based Rome, for movies and trailers.

She is able to do Remote Recording Session.



Vocal Library : Zero-G Ethera

The Last Plight :

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Sargon Saadi (

Executive Producer: Sargon Rouel

Associate Producer: Suzan Younan

Cast: Yacoob Yaco, Mikhael Benjamin

Original Music by: Stefano Maccarelli (

Vocal Performer: Clara Sorace

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